Year of production: 2018
Genre: Documentary (Ethnography, Folklore, Drama)
Length: 52:00
Format: Digital
Screening format: BluRay
Screen ratio: 1:85:1
Sound: Stereo
Directed by: Dumitru Grosei
Written by: Dumitru Grosei
Producer: Dumitru Grosei
Executive Producer: Arcadie Plăcintă
Post-Producer: Laura Georgescu
Production Company:  SYMBOL MEDIA (Moldova)
Co-production Company: ALTERNATIVE CINEMA (Moldova)
                                             HI-FI PRODUCTION (Romania)
Director of Photography: Dumitru Grosei
Camera: Ion Balan
                Cristian Madan
                Lucian Spătaru
Editor and Sound Design: Dumitru Grosei
Sound Mixing: Roman Bordei
Music: Authentic Moldovan folk groups, characteristic for Călărași region.


The land of Călărași is a very special place. Even though the whole of Moldova is a really charming and beautiful place, Călărași stands out because of its location. The land is situated right in the middle of the “Codrii” (ancient dense woods). This rich and beautiful location, has its own specific priorities: of history, culture, spirituality, ethnography, agriculture, crafts and customs, but also of using the ”Codrii” as a means of defense. Because of ”Codrii”, Calarasi was able to resist to all the barbaric invasions that happened in the past. Călărași is situated in the region of a great Basarabian cross, formed by four holy monasteries, Hârjauca, Frumoasa, Hârbovăț și Răciula. And if we look at the Basarabian (Moldovan) map, we can see this huge cross of these four locations.

Official Trailer: