Year of Production         2018
Genre:                            Documentary (Historical, Road Movie, Drama)
Length:                           72:00
Format:                           Digital
Screening format:           DCP
Screen ratio:                   1:85:1
Sound:                            Dolby Surround 5.1
Directed by:                    Dumitru Grosei
Written by:                      Stephan Koch, Dumitru Grosei, Arcadie Plăcintă
Arcadie Plăcintă
Executive Producer:        Arcadie Plăcintă
Production Company:       SYMBOL MEDIA (Moldova)
Co-production Company:  ALTERNATIVE CINEMA (Moldova)
Director of Photography:   Dumitru Grosei
Camera:                           Ion Balan
                                       Cristian Madan
                                       Ana Cujba
Editor:                              Dumitru Grosei
Sound design:                  Marius Leftărache


Stefan Koch, a man from the city of Bonn, discovers in the drawer of his deceased mother a letter from his grandfather to his father and some official documents attesting to the death of his grandfather in the Second World War, in Moldova, a few miles north the village of Speia. Following this discovery, Stefan decides to leave, in search for his grandfather’s grave. Initially, he has great difficulty in his searches, because of language barriers. Later, he meets some freehearted and generous people who make him understand that there are actually no boundaries between the East and the West.